Knowing Your “Friends”

What is the definition of a friend?

A friend to me is some one I can talk to. They are there from me when I’m feeling down. Someone who is honest  no matter what the situation may be. My friend is an extended member of my family. Having a blast, laughing so much your stomach starts to hurt are just the perks to having good friends.  You had so much time you forgot you had that important meeting to go to in the morning.  No need to worry you’ve got your buddy to make sure you get there and get the job done.


When I realized my friends aren’t really my “friends”.

My “so called” friend asked me question and I gave her my honest opinion. She didn’t take it as a helping hand. She didn’t want to hear that. That was one incident that accord. Then came the slick insults, we call it throwing shade. It’s one thing to be joking around, but when some of those jokes become hurtful it starts getting real.

Under the impression of friendship I let the insults go. Meaning I didn’t say anything about it. We drinking, laughing, & having a good time. I didn’t want to ruin a good time thinking it was something when everybody played it off. Typical “She’s just joking Tia, that’s how she is.”


I realize then it was down hill from here. I went to work having a seemly good day. I was ordering my lunch when the cashier told me my card was declined. I didn’t understand why.. I just got paid. I called my bank & they informed me that I had a purchase that I didn’t authorized. This bitch (excuse my language) got my card number & bought shit with my money!

My friend


Moral of this story is: Choose your friends wisely. Know the difference between a friend & an enemy. Always pay attention to the signs God shows you because they are there if you’re paying close attention.


Working From Home


My Uniform Are My Pj’s.

Have you thought about working from home? Making a living sharing offers and benefits of your company? If you answered “Yes”, then continue reading.

I want to share with you why I decided to work from home. I worked hard to pay my bills living pay check to pay check. I had 2 part time jobs, but soon had to let one go.

They where scheduling on the same as my second job. I started getting 30-33 hours at Calvin Klein, but it still wasn’t enough. It seem like every week I got paid; I went broke. My bank account was zero or sometimes in the negative. I hated it.

Started Thinking About What I Want and Don’t Want.

I was sitting on my bed one day thinking. I needed another job to replace my current income. What if I can have a job with:

1. No Boss.

2. No one telling me to come in when someone calls out, constant changes to the schedule.

3. No commute.

4. No disrespectful co-workers, unethical managers.

5. A job that will allows me free time with my family.


Why Are You Blogging?


It’s a number of reason why people
like us are blogging. Some make a living being a blogger. Others are doing it for fun.

My reasons for blogging is to create enjoyable content to my viewers. Business related, personal, inspiration, laughter, advice, & much more. How would you feel when a readers tells they loved what you have written.

It may have taken you 4-5 hours writing that post. Revising it over and over again to make it enjoyable for your audience. Your hard work as a writer paid off.

It feels good to get admired for your hard work. Makes you want to keep blogging. Creating more posts that your readers will LOVE ❤️.

So ask yourself…

Why Am I blogging?


Is Motor Club of America a Scam?

Are you tired of seeing people flash their cash ; M.c.a membership cards?

Telling you can make $1,500 in your first week. It’s not impossible to earn that kind of money, but not in the first week.

It’s marketing techniques like those give people a misled perception of the company. I’m not going to lie & say I haven’t done that. I did. It makes it look like a scam.

If you want to have success in your business, you have to market effectively. give the people something of value.

I started blogging to do just that. In this review I’m going to explain Motor Club of America.

What is Motor Club of America?




Motor Club of America (M.C.A) is an emergency road side assistant service. if you breakdown, M.c.a got you covered.

Founded by William W. Green in 1926-86. Born in my home town Atlantic City, New Jersey he became chief executive.

With the help of his brothers David & Samuel Green M.C.A continued to grow into a major insurer and auto-service agency.

As automobiles become more common in the 1920’s drivers looked into investing their money to provide assistance, maps, and help with emergency repairs and towing.

It branched into the hospital services industry as well. It no longer provides insurance, but continues to provides breakdown services for their members.

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So What are the benefits of M.C.A?

Well there are 5 packages that you can choose from:

  1.  M.C.A Security price $9.95 per month, $19.90 to get started (paying first & last month in advance)
  2. M.C.A Security Plus price $14.95 per month
  3. M.C.A Total Security price $19.95 per month, $39.90 to get started (paying first & last month in advance)
  4. M.C.A Total Security Plus price $29.95 per month, $59.98 to get started (paying first & last month in advance)
  5. M.C.A Total Security Platinum price $39.95 per month $79.98 get started (paying first & last month in advance)

All 5 Memberships provide emergency road service, travel assistance reimbursement, trip planning & travel reservations, arrest bond, bail bond, attorneys fees, stolen vehicle reward. credit card protection, free discount card for prescriptions ( vision & dental care).

When you’re injured from an accident & you need to go to  the hospital don’t worry M.C.A has your back.

By providing emergency reimbursement benefits, daily hospital benefits, accidental death benefit and; travel assistance program you can recover from your injuries easy.


The Benefits Doesn’t Stop There!

You can make money with this company by selling the memberships listed above.

When you share the benefits of Motor Club of America you will get paid $80 per membership you sell.  We get paid every Friday.

So let’s say you have 4 people that bought  memberships. $80×4=$320. On Friday will get $320 into your bank account. Sounds good right?


Yes, That Does Sound Good, But What Are The Cons Tia?

There are a few cons about the company that you should keep in mind.

The first is the $80 commission.  Yes, you did get a $80 comp from every membership you & your team sells, but there is a $3.00 processing fee.

So you actually earning $77 per membership.  There is also the Charge Back Fee.

If a person decides to terminate their membership the company will take back the $80.

They don’t take it all back, but they take $3-4 until you reach $80 to cover the lost.

Bad Marketing is one of the biggest cons about M.C.A. There are reps right now spamming people with their links of Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and other social media sites.

Giving people false information by promoting “Turn $40 into $1000”. It is going to take time, hard work to achieve that kind of income.

So, Is M.C.A a Scam?

In my opinion M.C.A is not a scam. It’s a great company with awesome benefits.

I just think that people who promote it the wrong way make it look like a scam.

I made my first $77 commission last week. When I saw the notification in my Bank of America account I was so happy.

I told the person that bought from me the truth. The benefits, pros & cons, & how you can make money.

Leave Comments, I would love to hear your feedback.