Working From Home


My Uniform Are My Pj’s.

Have you thought about working from home? Making a living sharing offers and benefits of your company? If you answered “Yes”, then continue reading.

I want to share with you why I decided to work from home. I worked hard to pay my bills living pay check to pay check. I had 2 part time jobs, but soon had to let one go.

They where scheduling on the same as my second job. I started getting 30-33 hours at Calvin Klein, but it still wasn’t enough. It seem like every week I got paid; I went broke. My bank account was zero or sometimes in the negative. I hated it.

Started Thinking About What I Want and Don’t Want.

I was sitting on my bed one day thinking. I needed another job to replace my current income. What if I can have a job with:

1. No Boss.

2. No one telling me to come in when someone calls out, constant changes to the schedule.

3. No commute.

4. No disrespectful co-workers, unethical managers.

5. A job that will allows me free time with my family.


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