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Knowing Your “Friends”

What is the definition of a friend?

A friend to me is some one I can talk to. They are there from me when I’m feeling down. Someone who is honest  no matter what the situation may be. My friend is an extended member of my family. Having a blast, laughing so much your stomach starts to hurt are just the perks to having good friends.  You had so much time you forgot you had that important meeting to go to in the morning.  No need to worry you’ve got your buddy to make sure you get there and get the job done.


When I realized my friends aren’t really my “friends”.

My “so called” friend asked me question and I gave her my honest opinion. She didn’t take it as a helping hand. She didn’t want to hear that. That was one incident that accord. Then came the slick insults, we call it throwing shade. It’s one thing to be joking around, but when some of those jokes become hurtful it starts getting real.

Under the impression of friendship I let the insults go. Meaning I didn’t say anything about it. We drinking, laughing, & having a good time. I didn’t want to ruin a good time thinking it was something when everybody played it off. Typical “She’s just joking Tia, that’s how she is.”


I realize then it was down hill from here. I went to work having a seemly good day. I was ordering my lunch when the cashier told me my card was declined. I didn’t understand why.. I just got paid. I called my bank & they informed me that I had a purchase that I didn’t authorized. This bitch (excuse my language) got my card number & bought shit with my money!

My friend


Moral of this story is: Choose your friends wisely. Know the difference between a friend & an enemy. Always pay attention to the signs God shows you because they are there if you’re paying close attention.